Cooking Fun Cake

You know, the ultra tender, cloud-like softness that dream cakes are made of. … I had always wanted to create a wedding cake for my blog, so her request was a … After all, I did a ton of work to share the recipe as is, then after you make it as.. If you’d rather just make cupcakes, then make these Vegan Vanilla Wedding…

  • Age Group: 2 to 3 year old kids
  • Class Size: 20 kids in one class
  • Session Timing: Morning 9:00 am to Afternoon 12:30 pm
What Else We Are Teaching

Skills that Children Will Learn


Self Help

Bebio teacher every children to be self relient so that they could help themselves and dont depend on others.


Communicating with others is one of the most important thing for a person’s life. we teach how to communicate properly.


Iin this era of globalization, socialization gets the most importance and we teach how to be the best in a society.
Expert of this Class

Class Teachers

Bebio provides the best qualified teachers for their clients so that there is no problem in their teachings and learnings. We promise to have them meet the best teacher they could ever get in their life in this important time of their bringing up so they could bring the best out of them.

Jesscia Brown
Sarah Albert